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LDJAM40 Afterthoughts

Posted by Miroko - December 6th, 2017


This weekend me and @Madnukin participated in Ludum Dare 40 and to our surprize we were able to produce Fruitless.

This was our first ever jam together and it was way more difficult than expected. We were not able to finish the game in time but it's still pretty "solid" for the time it took to make. There was suppose to be a BOSS at the end I drew the sprites did all the animations but we just did not have the time to put it in the game as well as sounds and music. I'm not exactly happy with the final result but I don't think it matters at the end, we did not join to win, but to have some fun and different experience. 

We had some prior experience with making a game for a short amount of time, our game Fragile was made for about a week. It is fun and challenging to make games in short amount of time, I think having a deadline is what makes the difference. 

I made a lot of mistakes while making those games and that's fine cause I wont make those same mistakes again with future projects. Anyway, it was really fun trying to make a game in 72 hours and I would really want to do it again next time.

BY THE WAY if you're into metroidvanias you might like Super Skelemania, a sequel  to Skelemania a game by Ben Allen who made this one as well but I helped him with the art and I slowed down the game to almost a hiatus. If you like what you see but you cant afford it, please reconsider wishlisting it on Steam, we might have a sale in the near future.

Here's a potato I drew.


Comments (4)

Came for the afterthoughts, stayed for the potato.

I knew it would work!

Played fruitless and Fragile, loved the look and playability of both. Poor tater

Thank you, you should not feel bad for the tater he's a dick.

I have never done a jam before. I give props to anyone that can create a fun, playable game in such a short amount of time. Great job with the game. Your pixel art is top notch! :)

Thank you it was extremely hard to pull it off. Your stuff is really neat we should exchange notes someday.

I just finished Super Skelemania. It was great. Though I would have liked 1 or 2 hours of extra gameplay. But I'd be super excited to see more of you collaborations.