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2017-02-20 14:26:51 by Miroko


First of all thank you so much guys for voting ADARAN best game of January, can't say I expected it.

I want to bring some attention if possible to Banana Arcade, a youtube channel about web and indie games. If you're into someone making goofy jokes and talking about games you might also like this.

He was cool enough to make a video about ADARAN and Leap Jet Bear.

And also Elsa Foot Doctor.

I feel like this kind of content would be appreciated around here and I hope he does more videos about Newgrounds content creators.




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2017-02-23 18:41:37

Yee congrats dude :) You deserve the recognition after releasing 3 solid games this month!! Hope you got some rest :)

Youtube creators who cover web games seem pretty rare so it's good to see Banana arcade doing it. I have noticed a few others who cover this content also from finding their videos of my games-

She did a couple episodes covering adventures of Butt:

He did a playthrough of the first 2 levels of Astrogard:

cheers mate

Miroko responds:

Thanks, it is true that there aren't a lot of youtubers that cover flash games, but the few we got are enough to keep me going.