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Miroko's News

Posted by Miroko - December 6th, 2017


This weekend me and @Madnukin participated in Ludum Dare 40 and to our surprize we were able to produce Fruitless.

This was our first ever jam together and it was way more difficult than expected. We were not able to finish the game in time but it's still pretty "solid" for the time it took to make. There was suppose to be a BOSS at the end I drew the sprites did all the animations but we just did not have the time to put it in the game as well as sounds and music. I'm not exactly happy with the final result but I don't think it matters at the end, we did not join to win, but to have some fun and different experience. 

We had some prior experience with making a game for a short amount of time, our game Fragile was made for about a week. It is fun and challenging to make games in short amount of time, I think having a deadline is what makes the difference. 

I made a lot of mistakes while making those games and that's fine cause I wont make those same mistakes again with future projects. Anyway, it was really fun trying to make a game in 72 hours and I would really want to do it again next time.

BY THE WAY if you're into metroidvanias you might like Super Skelemania, a sequel  to Skelemania a game by Ben Allen who made this one as well but I helped him with the art and I slowed down the game to almost a hiatus. If you like what you see but you cant afford it, please reconsider wishlisting it on Steam, we might have a sale in the near future.

Here's a potato I drew.


Posted by Miroko - November 17th, 2017

Super Skelemania a game I've been working on for more than a year is finally out!




Here's the trailer



I just need some rest now, good night.


Posted by Miroko - August 19th, 2017

Hey guys.

We made a new little artsy game called Fragile.


You play as a very fragile egg just trying to survive his way to safety.

The gif above doesn't do it justice just because the music is very important in this game.

I hope you guys like it, have fun.

THANKS for the front page Newgrounds!

Posted by Miroko - February 20th, 2017


First of all thank you so much guys for voting ADARAN best game of January, can't say I expected it.

I want to bring some attention if possible to Banana Arcade, a youtube channel about web and indie games. If you're into someone making goofy jokes and talking about games you might also like this.

He was cool enough to make a video about ADARAN and Leap Jet Bear.



And also Elsa Foot Doctor.


I feel like this kind of content would be appreciated around here and I hope he does more videos about Newgrounds content creators.



Posted by Miroko - January 21st, 2017

HELLo and happy pixel day Newgrounds!

We made a little retro-ish looking game called ADARAN for you all to play on this year's pixel day.


Music by @Fretzone

You can listen and download the soundtrack here:



Have a nice day and thank you for playing.

Posted by Miroko - December 10th, 2016

Hey, I'm looking for testes for this game



If you're interested please write me a PM.

I'm looking for someone that wants to help out with the project and is willing to give feedback.

Posted by Miroko - October 31st, 2016

Hey, how are you?

Super Skelemania, a game I'm working on with some woderful people, is currently on Steam Greenlight and we need your help.


It's a game about a little skeleton dude and his adventure in this bizarre world he lives in.

There's a playable demo on Gamejolt you can download and itch.io


I hope you enjoy the demo and vote on greenlight!

Happy Halloween.


Posted by Miroko - September 24th, 2016


Here are some of the games I've been working on for the past few months.

Super Skelemania

Super Skelemania is a sequal to Skelemania a game by Ben Allen and music by @Ayrayen

If you haven't played the prequel please do it's a wonderful game with a lot of heart, don't let the graphics fool you.

This is a metroidvania type of game where you explore, fight enemies and collect abilities.

The main protagonist is a skeleton with a very flexible body.


We're tring to concentrate on combat and enemies unlike Skelemania where there was no combat at all.



We've also tried to improve the old abilies and make them more easy and fun to use.

If you're interested in this game you can go check out the official Devlog here we try to post something new from time to time. We're planning to hit Steam Greelight next month along with a playable demo. I really wish we could've uploaded the demo here on Newgrounds but the game is too heavy for HTML5 so that's off the table, you'll need to download it on Gamejolt or itch.io

Untitled Bear Game

So this game is about a bear that has mechanical arms that grand her the ability to fly like a jet.





This should be a small project with that will hopefully be ready in the next following months and be here on Newgrounds.


And Spikeman a game about a spike that wants to go to space and pop balloons on the way.


This one might be the best one so far so I'm having my bets on this that it will break new grounds.

Hopefully it will be ready next month.

And last I want to give some attention to a friend of mine that's having some trouble and might need some help from you guys. @SMOKER9 if you go read his news post about his current situation he's not as lucky as some of us at the moment so he needs help on GoFundMe anything will help. 

He also has a PayPal account dsiegwarth42@gmail.com


Thank you for reading.

Posted by Miroko - February 4th, 2016

Recently me and @Knight52 uploaded a game here on Newgrounds it had nice reviews and it even grabbed daily 4th.


I'm really thankful to Newgrounds for the FRONT PAGE.

I want to thank everyone that tested the game and helped us make it better.






Thank you to eveyrone that played the game.


Posted by Miroko - September 14th, 2015

Hey guys and gals

If you're interested in testing a game you're the guy we're looking for!

It's a platformer puzzle game, we haven't made a lot of levels but we need someone to test for glitches and throw some feedback.

Please PM me if you want to be part of this project.

We're no longer looking fot testers, I want to thank everyone that helped!